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Photographing Bears is one of the most exhilarating things I do.   The guy to the left was on a very remote creek in Alaska call Goat Creek.


I was float planed into the area and left for 7 hours.  Bears were everywhere.  The thing about real wild Bears compared to those photographed on a Photo walk. is that they look at you differently.  


Anyone who has been near a big wild Brown Bear will tell you that you can smell them from about 50 yards away. 

Photographing eagles is absolutely my favorite thing to do.  I have spent 1000's of hours photographing eagles.  After a while you can tell when they are going to fly, their egression stances, pecking orders within syblings in the nest.,

But by far the best is to get them in the air flying.  The 800mm lens i shoot with has a view of about 1 degree.  It takes hours of practice just to find the eagle in the sky.  But when it happens...... THE BEST!

GLADIATORS -The intense battle for food during the winter months in Alaska is depicted in
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Nothing bud Majesty.  Big Cats, one of the top predators are always a favorite to photograph.  For me its no exception.

Wolves are fascinating to watch and to photgraph.  Illusive in the wild.  The best way I've found to find them is to travel the top 50 mile road in Yellowstone during the Winter.   Wildlife stands out from the white snow and the park is empty.....  Happy hunting.

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Misc. Fun

Boys, just want to have fun........ toooooooo!

Found on the wild planes of Utah south of Moab... most of my horse shots are in the wild.... Mustangs and free range.

Of course,  a few pics from the racetrack are fun as well.....


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