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N a t u r a l l y     I n s p i r e d

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I was born in Kentucky.   I went to the University of Cincinnati and am a Registered Architect.  During my 35 years doing architecture, I constantly went back to my love of photography for pleasure and relief from my "real job".  Late in my architectural career, I started participating in art shows and venues.  

After my retirement from architecture, I began pursuing photography full time.  

I love experimentation and large format printing.  I do all of my own proofing, printing and framing.  I am extremely particular with print and production quality. 


I endeavor to capture the true spirit of my wildlife and landscape photography and I hope that is evident in my work.

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N a t u r a l l y    I n s p i r e d





Explore Landscapes

I have always been facinated by landscape photography.  The real challenge is to capture the mood of the shot.  It IS all about lighting.  During editing and proofing, I sometimes print the proofs at 60" several times before I feel the print is worthy of the image.  


It is always easy to make things look good on the computer screen.  The trick is to capture the light and then print them bright enough to accurately produce the look of a back lit computer image.

Don't be afraid to shoot into the light.  Check out the Angel Oak image in this gallery.  I love experimenting and extending the range of my camera.


If Landscapes requires research, sun angle, composure, exposure and aperture, with Wildlife, you have to carry heavy equipment and the camera has to be ready any time.


I carry all my equipment with me nearly always.  Its luck of the draw, when and where the Wildlife will show up.


Big clue that took me 10 years to figure out.  If you wanna find the Wildlife, go to where the food is.   If you want to photograph me,  go to the Publix at about 5 pm,  I'm there everyday.    Kinda simple but...... effective.

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Explore Wildlife

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"Being chosen to be placed on someone's wall, displayed in their home, is the greatest compliment of all"

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